Scott Co. farm helps Kentuckians in need through new business venture

Published: Apr. 11, 2021 at 2:36 PM EDT
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SCOTT CO., Ky. (WKYT) - The ongoing pandemic brought uncertainty to many business owners, but one farm in Scott County used the time to tackle a new business venture.

Sharpe Farms, a family business, has been part of life for the Sharpe family for 9 generations.

“My favorite thing about farming is keeping it in the family,” says co-owner Beckham Sharpe. “I love having all the kids and nephews.”

The Sharpe family says when COVID hit, and many were afraid to head to grocery stores, they used the uncertain time to start a new business venture. It’s a way to bring healthy, fresh food straight to Kentuckians.

“Basically they’re getting it from the farm to their fridges,” says co-owner Megan Sharpe.

Meagan explains their handpicked box. It’s made up of veggies and a value-added item such as a sauce or honey.

During the pandemic, the idea was brought one step further. The farm partnered with food banks, offering 139,463 pounds of produce to families in need.

Co-owner Jacob Sharpe recalls the gratitude of one recipient.

“She was really grateful. She was almost upset, you know, because she was like, ‘your boxes really help us. We’re really hurting,’” Jacob says.

During a time of struggle, the family says the farm took big steps. Blossoming, they say, to benefit the farm’s 10th generation.

“We talk every day about how to make it bigger, how to make it better, what can we do to reach more people and so we’re really excited where the next few years are going to take us,” Meagan says.

The opening day for this season’s handpicked boxes is the second week of June. If you’re interested in a box, you can visit this website.

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