Tips to save your plants from a spring freeze

Published: Mar. 31, 2021 at 4:29 PM EDT
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - With such a great start to spring weather-wise, you may have gotten out in your gardens and planted earlier than usual this year.

But, a spring freeze is on the way, which means some of those plants might be lost.

According to owners Janna and Ashley Pemberton, with Pemberton’s Greenhouses, any annual that you may have planted will definitely need to come back inside as covering them won’t help protect from below-freezing temperatures.

For other types of plants that may have early buds or flowers already blooming, it’s best to cover those with burlap, tobacco cloths, or even common kitchen cloths that you may have laying around.

This will help keep the warmth around the plants while letting them breathe, but one cover you want to avoid using is any type of plastic.

“It doesn’t let the plants breath and sometimes you don’t get it off of there in time for the sun to hit it the next day, you’re trapping in a lot of gasses and things to the plants as well. It also transmits that cold once you’ve got the ice and frost on that plastic,” said Janna Pemberton-Schmidt.

So, when is the best and safest time to plant? Well, you may want to wait not only after the first Saturday in May, but even until after Mother’s Day.

“Last year we even received a frost and a freeze on Mother’s Day and the day after,” said Ashley Pemberton-Herndon. “So, maybe Mother Nature won’t do that again, but I would think maybe she would.”

According to Lexington records, the latest in the year we’ve seen a spring freeze, where temperatures were at or below 32 degrees, was on May 20 back in 1894.

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