Pizza delivery driver, and two men recognized as heroes during house fire

Pizza delivery driver and two other men help evacuate other residents during a nearby fire
Published: Mar. 22, 2021 at 8:05 PM EDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - Not every hero wears a cape.

Some are doctors, nurses, law enforcement officials, among others.

But sometimes they’re your ordinary bystander who also happens to deliver your pizza.

On Friday, a house on Broadway Avenue was engulfed in flames, as Jeremy Waters was out on delivery for Pizza Hut he came across the home and realized the fire was close to neighboring houses.

Once there, he along with two others helped nearby residents evacuate.

#pizzahutproud For any of those wondering, not all hero’s wear capes. While out on delivery over the weekend, there was...

Posted by Caprice Steward on Sunday, March 21, 2021

Caprice Steward, the manager at the Pizza Hut on Smallhouse Road has been working with Jeremy for the past two decades, she says “he’s super thoughtful, he thinks about others before himself for sure.”

When Waters came across the house on fire, he didn’t think any different, Steward says she asked him when she heard he had helped evacuate people.

“I asked him about it, and he was like, yeah, I came around the corner from the delivery, and I just pulled in, you know, he’s like, I just pulled in the parking lot there at church and ran across the street and there were a couple of guys there that seemed like they were willing to help too. And they just kind of split up and went their own separate ways and by the time the trucks arrived in the parking lot, he said, everybody was kind of already out of the house,” says Steward.

Kelsey Brown lives a couple of houses down, she recalled what happened.

“Well, we recognized the fire when we smelled smoke and then we looked outside the window and saw it and, then about that time the man and rang the doorbell just to make sure that we were all out and to let us know.”

No injuries were reported from the fire, Steward says she asked Jeremy if at any point he was scared.

“He said he had a new appreciation for firefighters. He said it was, you know, terrifying to see how close the flames were to that the houses and those, some of those houses are apartments. So there were several people in some of those units and he was like, I couldn’t bear to think that somebody is in there and not know what was happening outside,” says Steward.

Steward adds, ”I told him last night in a message that it was really important, you know, for I fell for others to know what a fantastic person he was. I was like, you know, we all know it here. But now a lot of other people know too. And, you know, if you don’t know him, you’re missing out. He’s a good guy for sure.”

Jeremy did not want to on camera for an interview, but did say “I just wanted to do what I could to help.”

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