Sen. Rand Paul speaks to WYMT about recent COVID-19 relief bill, restrictions, and flooding

Published: Mar. 11, 2021 at 11:07 AM EST
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HAZARD, Ky. (WYMT) - As Eastern Kentuckians face hardships from recent ice storms, flooding and the COVID-19 pandemic, Senator Rand Paul talks about some of these topics.

The 1.9 trillion dollar COVID-19 relief package passed on Tuesday and is now heading to President Joe Biden for his signature.

Senator Paul is vocal about his dissatisfaction with the bill saying in his opinion lifting restrictions is the key to allowing many of those jobs to return.

“If you look at the bill less than 10% of this bill had anything to do with Covid. It had 800 million in it to send to foreign countries and 10 million in it to study Native American languages. This was just a Christmas tree and a wish list for Democrats,” said Paul. “We need to get rid of the restrictions that have caused the jobs to go away. So we are coming out of this we should be lifting all the restaurant restrictions, lifting the school restrictions, lifting the movie theater and bowling alley.”

When it comes to the virus and vaccination efforts Paul says he sees us on the other side of the virus within nearly a month.

“Between the vaccine and naturally acquired immunity after having gotten the disease we are very close to a point where we’re going to defeat this virus. I recommend those in the age group of high risk continue to take the vaccine.”

Senator Paul saying he wrote a letter to President Biden regarding recent flooding in the region asking him to declare an emergency disaster.

“Will have something probably hopefully declared in a few weeks. It takes months sometimes to get the money but it takes months to rebuild,” said Paul. " Federal government has a lot of money and it’s been overseas building their roads and bridges. What we need to do as we have retaining walls, rivers, and creeks that need to be channeled in better ways so our cities don’t flood that money should be spent here and not in Afghanistan. "

Paul says he and his staff continue to work with counties to get their report on damages in the area.

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