“Seeing everything that everyone has done has been a blessing:” Donations continue to pour into the region

Breathitt County donation locations moves to larger facility.
Published: Mar. 8, 2021 at 2:29 PM EST
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BREATHITT COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - As cleanup efforts continue throughout the region after last weeks flooding donations also pour into the region to help.

Box after box is unloaded into a warehouse in Breathitt County a facility they recently had to move to because so many donations were delivered.

Patsy Claire, Director of the Breathitt County Hunger Alliance, says donations continue to come into the county from all over.

“We’ve had donations come in from Tennessee. I have a group coming in from Louisiana. There’s a group coming in from Texas let’s see Indiana and Ohio. I mean just different states. I mean it’s just been wild it really has been,” said Claire. “We plan to be here we are not going anywhere. If there is a need somebody or something that somebody needs you know don’t go buy it call us.”

Shirley Hounshell’s home was flooded by the recent waters and on Monday she came to pick up a few supplies.

“It is the Lord’s blessing I had run into Patsy Claire last night and she told me not to buy water to come over here and get some water,” said Hounshell. “It’s been a blessing for whatever everybody has helped and is still helping.”

Rhonda Geering moved here from Michigan one year ago and helps take care of her three grandchildren.

“We are going to be without for at least three more days. It’s taking baths and having to boil water I mean it’s a lot of work especially with three children,” said Geering. “We didn’t get help like this during any disasters we had in Michigan so being here in Kentucky and seeing everything that everyone has done has been a blessing.”

A blessing as the best in humanity shines through during tragedy.

“We have just been receiving donations. We have been blessed and we have prayed a lot and God has blessed us abundantly he really has,” said Clarie.

Claire says they continue to accept donations and they are currently in need of medical supplies.

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