Knott County, Alice Lloyd College left dealing with aftermath of heavy rain

Published: Mar. 1, 2021 at 8:05 PM EST
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KNOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - The effects of heavy rainfall in recent days has been prominent all over Eastern Kentucky, leaving no area untouched.

Alice Lloyd College happens to be one of those places.

“We thought we had escaped the brunt of it,” Allison Southard said. “But then we did some checking and the June Buchanan School here on campus has just been really destroyed.”

Ceilings caved in, desks destroyed and school equipment ruined as floodwater made its way through the June Buchanan School overnight.

“It basically started coming in the third floor of the building,” Southard said. “It ran all the way down to the first floor and at one point this morning, we had about four feet of water standing in the first floor.”

This was more than an emotional loss for school staff.

“We just put about half a million dollars of renovations into our auditorium last summer,” Southard said. “So, it’s heartbreaking.”

Knott County officials, who are dealing with road breaks and other issues, said they are not alone.

“It’s tough times, tough times here in not only Knott County but in Eastern Kentucky,” Knott County Judge-Executive Jeff Dobson said.

Despite this unexpected hurdle, compassion and support is flooding in from all over.

“That’s what we have to keep trusting in right now. We’ve been really blessed, we have a lot of good people here that have pitched in to help,” Southard said. “We’ve got friends across the country that are pitching in to help and help make sure we can continue education at the June Buchanan School with or without the building.”

Classes in the June Buchanan school are expected to resume Monday at the Perry Campus Center.

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