Thousands remain without power in Clay County as next storm nears

Nearly 2,400 people are still without power as of Wednesday afternoon, no time will go to waste as a new storm is on its way.
Published: Feb. 17, 2021 at 1:55 PM EST
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As counties continue to clean up from the last two ice storms they prepare for the next weather event.

Officials in Clay County say the past several days have been an unfamiliar seen for many of them.

David Watson, Emergency Management Director, says this past year between the COVID-19 pandemic and weather events has put many in the community to the test.

" What I would consider in my career the biggest ice storm and freezing rain that I or this county has had just numerous trees and powerlines down,” said Watson. “Right when you think that you were topping the hill here comes another storm to knock you back down and I will tell you that the county not only Clay but our surrounding counties in this region we are getting tired, our people are getting tired. They are worn out but we still have a job to do and that job is to protect the people of Clay County.”

Johnny Johnson, Clay County Judge Executive, says they continue to focus on the most vulnerable in the community.

" We have been working with EMS and taking our salt truck in front of the ambulance and scraping the roads and getting it to them where an ambulance can get to people and we’ve hauled people out of Brightshade today and we got them to kidney dialysis. We’ve been cleaning the roads with the ambulances to make sure we can get to them,” said Johnson. “We’ve been working around the clock the last three days. We’ve got a lot of trees down. We’ve cut 404 yesterday.”

With nearly 2,400 people still without power as of Wednesday afternoon, no time will go to waste as a new storm is on its way.

“We are ready our blades are on, our trucks are full, and the guys are tired but I’m ready to go,” said Watson.

Officials say their salt supply is still in good shape with nearly half their bin full.

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