Transportation crews prepare for what icy conditions may bring

Published: Feb. 10, 2021 at 12:29 PM EST
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As people across the region prepare for what could be an ice storm transportation crews also get ready for that possibility.

H.B. Elkins with Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Department of Highways District 10 says the challenge road crews face during an ice storm is pre-treating roads are typically not an option.

“An ice storm always brings a possibility for a lot of fallen trees so we are having in addition to getting our snowplows ready to go we are having to make sure that our chainsaws are ready to go and that we got the chains sharpened and we have spare parts and we got plenty of fuel,” said Elkins. “Since this is going to be rain to start with we can’t really do anything until the roads start getting slick and then we can put some salt down.”

Elkins says they are ready for whatever the weather brings and encourages people who have to be on the roads to prepare as well.

“We’ve already got the crews split up so we know who will be staying after normal working hours today and then he will be on call and will come in later to relieve them,” said Elkins. “If something happens and you do get stranded make sure you have plenty of fuel in your vehicle. Carry your cell phone and make sure it’s charged so in case something happens you can call for help. Maybe keep water and snacks in your car.”

As he heeds caution and preparedness to keep people throughout the region safe during the storm.

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