The David School will ‘keep on keeping on’: Donor sends $39K donation to Floyd County school

Published: Jan. 22, 2021 at 7:42 PM EST
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DAVID, Ky. (WYMT) - A surprise donation to The David School brought smiles to the faces of the school’s administration this week.

Students at The David School are used to a hands-on learning environment at a school that focuses on alternative learning practices.

“The kids enjoy it, we enjoy it, and it gives them a certain ownership of the school,” said Dean of Students Bryan Lafferty.

With a motto of ”learning while serving,” Lafferty said the private high school operates tuition-free, bringing students from all walks of life under one roof to focus on success.

“To provide a pathway to success through education, regardless of a child’s income or their family’s income,” said Lafferty.

But to keep the classes flowing, the school depends on its donors and grant funding to make ends meet. So, when a check for $38,700 showed up at the school Monday, Lafferty said he was excited.

“I’m just really appreciative of this check, of this generous trust that was left to us,” said Lafferty. “We will be good stewards of it. We will put it towards what it was meant for and we will continue educating the students and continue our mission.”

The check, Lafferty soon realized, was a final payment from the James B. Kobak Trust, which was set up at Harvard University in 1993 to benefit the school. Lafferty said he was not expecting the money, but it was a welcome investment since the pandemic has impacted fundraising efforts.

“We feed them breakfast, we feed them lunch, we pay our teachers with this, we pay our bills with this. We do everything completely through the donations and the grants,” Lafferty said. “It just ensures that we keep the doors open, that we keep the kids here, and that we keep getting to continue this mission that was started almost 50 years ago.”

According to Lafferty, donors who believe in the school’s mission are not only supporting the school but the community as a whole, helping to show the students that they can succeed and people care.

“It allows us to get them in here. It allows us to educate them. It allows us to prepare them for not only the challenges of today but the challenges tomorrow,” Lafferty said. “It’ll allow us to keep on keeping on here. And hopefully, continue transforming our mountains one child at a time.”

Lafferty said he hopes more people will get involved in the school and see what it has to offer.

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