Wisconsin mother who gave birth while in a coma, fighting COVID-19, out of the ICU

Published: Jan. 16, 2021 at 4:41 PM EST
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POYNETTE, Wis. (WVLT) -A Wisconsin mother who gave birth to her fourth child while she was in a coma, while also battling COVID-19, is out of the ICU.

WMTV reported, doctors told Kelsey Townsend’s family on Christmas Eve that she would need a double-lung transplant in order to survive. While Townsend was waiting for a donor, her health changed drastically.

Townsend is currently off life support, but is still in the hospital on a ventilator.

“From a medical, science standpoint, they can’t give you definitive answers, but this is nothing short of a miracle,” said Kelsey’s husband Derek Townsend.

Doctors are hoping Kelsey will make a full recovery over the next three to six months. Her husband hopes to have her home sooner and said that their newborn, Lucy, is doing well.

Derek told WMTV on Dec. 17 that Kelsey had been in critical condition fighting COVID-19 since she was admitted to the hospital the first week of November. Kelsey was 39 weeks pregnant with their baby, Lucy, when she was taken to the emergency room, put in a medically induced coma and delivered her baby unconscious via C-section.

Derek said he, Kelsey and their three children all contracted COVID-19 in late October. However, Kelsey only got worse instead of recovering.

WMTV reported, the family said faith, prayer and community has kept them strong as they try their best to make sure Kelsey does not miss out on cherished moments. Derek said his wife is tough, and they have hope she will come home.

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