Bike in Pike: City of Pikeville moving forward with city-wide bike plan

Published: Jan. 15, 2021 at 7:08 PM EST
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PIKEVILLE, Ky. (WYMT) - The City of Pikeville is working to complete its city-wide bike path plans as the cycling community continues to grow in the area.

City Commissioner Allison Powers said the wheels are spinning as concrete slabs pop up in several places across the city, laying the foundation for what will soon be bike racks. Some of the racks, she said, will include covered bike stations with air pumps to help cyclists feel more welcome and equipped to enjoy a day in the city.

“We have a unique situation with our mountains. So we really have to find creative ways to do a bike plan,” said Powers.

Signage and road markings will be installed in the weeks to come as plans continue to progress. Those steps, Powers said, were made possible with grant funding.

As the number of people interested in the cycling scene continues to increase, Powers said the city will be able to use the growth of the bike trail as a marker for its plans to become a certified trail town.

“My hope is that it will educate everyone and that everyone will work together and realize that it’s a great thing for our city, it’s a good thing for the people, it’s a good thing for our tourism, and it’s a great thing for our community.”

While Powers said future tourism is one factor, the economic impact of the bike scene is already visible.

“Prior to the cycling community growing, there really wasn’t a need in Pikeville in the area for a cycling business. But now there is. You know, there’s a lot of people with bikes and where are they going to get Replacement tires? What if it breaks? Who fixes it?”

Pro-Fitness Cycling opened its doors in Pikeville in late 2020, a second location for the Prestonsburg, selling and repairing bikes and bike parts on Hambley Boulevard.

“So, we have the bike project plan, which is federal role grant money, then we have a bike business coming into town and then we have the Trailway project, which is helping support all the different paths and routes throughout the community,” said Powers. “So, it’s kind of just all coming together perfectly.”

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