Pikeville Medical Center receives funding for pocket-sized ultrasound tech

Published: Jan. 15, 2021 at 1:26 PM EST
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PIKEVILLE, Ky. (WYMT) - Pikeville Medical Center received new technology this month, shrinking down the large machine often used for ultrasounds into a pocket-sized tech device.

Three new Vscan Pocket Ultrasound devices, purchased with a grant from the Eastern Kentucky Healthcare Preparedness Coalition, allow healthcare workers to address ultrasounds in a new, high-tech way.

“This device truly does what the iPhone, and iPad, did for personal computing. It truly puts a very crisp, detailed imagery in the hands of the physician,” said Emergency Medicine Physician Michael Crum. “Certainly very fortunate to be able to have this at PMC now.”

One of the devices will be used in the Emergency Department, the other two will be available in the Intensive Care Unit.

According to Dr. Crum, the devices are not only more convenient for quick access but they make patients more comfortable.

“Kids are always something that are very delicate and have to be addressed as such. Often a child won’t even know what this is,” said Dr. Crum.

With the larger systems, which are wheeled around the facility on carts, sanitation and cleaning take time. With the new systems, it is easier than ever. So, Crum said, the handheld devices could save time in emergency situations, bringing almost instant results.

Crum said he can get an image in around 10 seconds and it uploads to a space where other medical professionals can quickly access it as needed.

“Emergency medicine is really about as fast as possible, but don’t miss anything serious,” said Crum. “That’s really what’s gonna allow us to save people’s lives here.”

Dr. John Fleming said the tech is something he looks forward to using in his role as Emergency Physician and Medical Director of the ED.

“Having that as something that we can put in our pocket and run to the rooms a game-changer,” said Dr. Fleming. “Trauma evaluations, pregnancy evaluations, vascular accidents, and to place lines in patients who are critically ill.”

He said it is also a good investment as the hospital continues its battle against COVID-19.

“Every second, every minute counts,” said Dr. Fleming.

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