Clark County using thermal imaging to take temperatures at basketball games

Published: Jan. 8, 2021 at 5:55 PM EST
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CLARK COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - If you head to any Clark County basketball games this season, you’ll notice a new and faster way of having your temperature taken.

Basketball games would normally bring thousands of fans to George Rogers Clark High School, but now only hosts a socially distanced few.

While fans might not have realized it, they were also using new state of the art technology at Friday night’s game.

“It’s one more thing we do to try and keep our students and staff safe. It’s part of the grand scheme,” said Daren Snell, assistant principal at George Rogers Clark.

Rather than manually checking each fan’s temperatures with a handheld thermometer, everyone who walked through the gym doors, even unknowingly to some, were already having their temperatures read.

“We can get them at the front door before they get around to start mingling in with the rest of the building, which keeps our kids and our staff safe,” Snell said.

The district now has thermal imaging scanners in each school. All you do is walk through the door, and the machines read your body’s temperature. A school employee watching through a monitor would then be alerted if someone’s temperature is too high.

“It’s the first level of defense against someone coming in the school who may have COVID or even just the flu,” Snell said.

Technology that will also make it possible to get students in the building and in their classrooms in a matter of seconds.

Each school in the district was outfitted with two units of the automatic scanners. The high school also has a portable unit they use for sporting events, like tonight.

The machines for the entire district cost a little less than half a million dollars.

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