West Virginia native: the protest on Capitol Hill was a “positive” experience for her

Pam Martin-James is a West Virginia native who says her experience at Capitol Hill on Wednesday...
Pam Martin-James is a West Virginia native who says her experience at Capitol Hill on Wednesday was a "positive" one.(Tori Yorgey)
Published: Jan. 7, 2021 at 2:20 AM EST
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CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) - One West Virginia native and her family decided to attend the Capitol Hill events on Wednesday in hopes of watching history unfold.

“We just wanted to be there to see if there was anyway what happened could be overturned and sent back to the states,” said Pam Martin-James, a West Virginia native. “But we were hearing on the way to the Capitol that Vice President Pence did not go the way (we thought he would) so that was disappointing for us.”

Martin-James now lives in North Carolina, but she grew up in Williamson, West Virginia where she spent many years until moving to Winfield for a number of years.

She said she was able to watch President Donald Trump address the crowds on Wednesday roughly 20 yards away and never experienced any unrest or violence during the time she was there.

“This was really a once in a lifetime thing for us and to be there with so many other Americans that love our country (and) we sang the national anthem at the Capitol and rally.”

Martin-James said she and her family weren’t even aware of someone getting shot during the protest until they were on the way back to their hotel.

“At the time, I mean, I still would do it again,” she said. “We didn’t feel unsafe, we knew some people had been shot with rubber bullets, we talked to them. Some people had been pepper sprayed, but we felt like we weren’t doing anything wrong other than marching to our Capitol. We weren’t afraid.”

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