Ring camera catches porch pirate steal packages, Christmas gifts

Published: Dec. 9, 2020 at 6:45 PM EST
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - It’s that time of year to be extra vigilant of porch pirates stealing packages. One Bowling Green couple caught an alleged thief on their Ring camera as he snatched two packages from their porch.

Keegan Sullivan and Caitlyn Galloway say about $150 worth of items and Christmas presents were snatched from their door in broad daylight.

“They were intentionally going around looking for this stuff, and then they just found it,” said Keegan Sullivan.

“You still work hard for everything and have somebody come up and take your stuff, it kind of, you know, rubs you the wrong way a little bit,” expressed Sullivan.

The video shows a white Buick with a dent on the side back into a space in front of their townhome.

“You can see they’re looking at all of our porches in order to you know, even find stuff. So like, that was kind of weird to me, because it’s not a drive-thru. You can’t, you know, make a quick getaway,” said Galloway about their townhome complex.

From the video, this is at least a two-team coordinated theft as someone gets out of the back seat of the car and takes the packages.

“It is broad daylight, you know, it was a very clear shot of their face,” said Galloway.

“They just reached over the railing and grabbed it in a matter of seconds,” added Sullivan.

Police say only six reports of stolen packages have been reported since November 1 which is down by six compared to this same time last year, likely because more people are home during the day now.

“If nobody reports it, they’re not going to know, either. So you know, if the community reports it out,” pleaded Sullivan.

While giftless they may now be, the sight of watching the crime unfold before their eyes, the two can’t help but wonder what if will happen again, along with what if?

“I was coming home within the next hour. And I was, I just didn’t know what I would have done. You know, if I’d come home to them doing that,” said Galloway.

Police say if the contents inside the stolen packages are $500 or more, it can be a felony charge. Anything $499 and under would be a misdemeanor. If you recognize the person in the video footage or the car, contact Bowling Green Police.

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