Health Department: Wingz 2.0 foodservice permit suspended

Published: Nov. 22, 2020 at 7:35 PM EST
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UPDATE 11/25/2020:

On Saturday, Wingz 2.0 posted on Facebook that it would still offer dine-in service to customers despite the restrictions from Governor Andy Beshear.

On Monday, officials with the Laurel County Health Department went to the restaurant and explained the order to the owner. Then on Tuesday, officials issued a cease operation order citing the executive order.

Wednesday morning at 11:00, health department officials suspended the restaurant’s Kentucky food service permit.

“It’s really not about the constraining of the privileges, it’s just attempting to mitigate the spread of the virus,” said Mark Hensley, Executive Director of the Laurel County Health Department. “It is the health department’s intent to use these non-pharmaceutical interventions that will help slow the spread of the virus and to ensure that we do not overwhelm our healthcare system,” added Hensley.

Wingz 2.0 owner Clifford Smith told WYMT that he will remain open and continue to serve food.

Hensley said the owner will need to go through an application process to regain his permit.

UPDATE 11/24/20:

Laurel County Health Department’s Public Health Director Mark Hensley explained the Governor’s executive orders to the owner.

The Health Department will issue a notice for Wingz 2.0 to close indoor dining operations, as they are still open Tuesday. The restaurant can proceed with carry-out, curbside, or delivery.

If in-person dining continues Wingz 2.0 foodservice permit will be suspended by the health department.

UPDATE 11/22/20

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - The coronavirus pandemic has been hard on restaurants, including Wings 2.0 in London who opened up back in May.

“I have made zero dollars as an owner in this restaurant during this. Not one paycheck has went to my home, my bank account because there’s not enough money,” said owner Clifford Smith.

That is part of the reason for Smith’s post on social media Saturday, saying his business will remain open for in-person dining.

Customer Alan Carmack says “I think it’s a good thing the owners had the courage to stand up for the people to come in. Stand in and eat. Order a meal.”

Smith says he won’t require mask for anyone, and he will not ask people to follow any COVID-19 mandates from Governor Beshear.

“I don’t have a stance in the fight against COVID. We are trying to provide a service here,” said Smith.

Carmack says he’s happy to be here, and happy to support them, and he wishes everyone else would.

Kentucky River District Health Department Director, Scott Lockard, explained why the new restrictions are in place.

“People when they go into enjoy their beverage or their food they remove their mask so that is a place that is prone for exposure,” said Lockard.

Smith saw a strong response from both sides. He said he respects and totally understands the argument. He said he doesn’t want to put the community at risk, he just wants to stand up for the right business owners and customers have in this country.

“They are not here because of me they are here because of the idea of freedom that they have to make that choice,” said Smith.

Lockard said from a health department standpoint it’s not about restricting rights, just trying to slowing the spread of the virus.

“We are trying to promote science-based interventions that we know will slow the spread of this virus so we do not overwhelm our healthcare system,” said Lockard.

Lockard said local health departments are the ones designated to enforce the guidelines to local businesses. They are expected to receive more guidance on how to have conversations with those businesses soon.

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