Coronavirus can’t stop Christmas coming down the tracks

Santa Train continues just in a different capacity
Published: Nov. 21, 2020 at 6:17 PM EST
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PIKE COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - The 78th annual Santa Train run took Place Saturday morning.

“That is why CSX Appalachian Power Soles for Souls, Kingsport Chamber of Commerce, and us here at Food City want to make sure that we still have the opportunity to get the Santa train going to help the kids in the area,” said Food City store manager, Gordon Tridette.

The event wasn’t quite the traditional one.

“If they ran the train it would be too large of a gathering everybody would be in close contact,” said Tridette.

Due to the coronavirus, 14 locations from 2019 was cut to just four, centralizing locations based on the communities normally visited by Santa.

“So they decided to set it up at the store they can handle all the traffic. We’re fortunate enough to have a big parking lot where we can circle people around,” said Tridette.

“We normally have three or four locations with the Santa train and unfortunately due to COVID we were restricted to just one so we had a lot of traffic this morning,” said Colby Hobson, with the Pikeville Police Department.

With locations, limited traffic was a concern for the event. Pikeville Police Department was on hand directing traffic.

“We are just directing traffic here off 23 and the interaction on 460 to make sure everything goes smoothly and that everybody gets their presents gifts and supplies,” said Zachary Bowens, with the Pikeville Police Department.

The backpacks left from the Pikeville location we’re loaded up and taken to benchmark in Prestonsburg for 56 foster children.

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