UPDATE | Logan Fire Department dog found

Published: Nov. 17, 2020 at 11:15 PM EST
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UPDATE 11/18/20 @ 8:59 a.m.

LOGAN, W.Va. (WSAZ) - The Logan Fire Department’s dog, Lucy, has been returned.

According to the Logan Fire Chief, someone dropped her off on a road with no houses 20 miles away. Someone saw the news and found her.

The Fire Chief says without WSAZ’s story, they would not have known Lucy was alive.

Lucy is a German Shepard pup firefighters rescued from a fire more than a year ago.

ORIGINAL STORY 11/17/20 @ 11:15 p.m.

LOGAN, W.Va. (WSAZ) - One of the best things about walking into the Logan Fire Department is seeing their dog, Lucy, a German shepherd pup they rescued from a fire more than a year ago.

“We responded to a large commercial fire downtown and we just assumed she was living in one of those vacant structures,” said Logan Fire Chief Scott Beckett. “After the fire was over and that mop up was done, we were cleaning up and she kind of just followed us back to the fire station and once she came in, she pretty much adopted us.”

Beckett said everyone in the community knew Lucy; she even slept at other family’s homes some nights instead of the fire department.

“Every morning when shift change had come, she’d be out here waiting on us to feed her and then the morning she didn’t show up, we knew something was wrong.”

Her disappearance has left the entire community concerned and worried about what happened.

“I run (a) store here (in Logan) and (Lucy) would come down here daily and wait on these children that like to play with her and just lay in front of my door and wait on them every morning,” said grocery store owner Brenda Short. “It’s just sad because, I even miss seeing her there, I miss seeing children run and play with her on the sidewalk.”

Shawna Woody, who has three kids who love to play with Lucy, said their bonds formed with her about six months ago when she followed them home from the fire department.

“She would come back home, sleep on the porch, wait for the kids to get off the bus or walk them to the school bus every morning,” Woody told WSAZ. “When she wasn’t there Tuesday, we knew something was wrong.”

Chief Beckett said they’ve had several people in the community tell them they believe someone had shot and killed Lucy.

“We don’t know if that happened (but if so) we would like to get her body back and bury her, get her collar off of her give everybody some closure.”

The fire department said not only was Lucy a family member to them but she was also a good tool to have when it came to getting to know the community better.

“Everybody kind of took up to her and once everybody got to know her, they just looked forward to seeing her it was one of those things where everyday she was just a staple,” he said. “We would do fire safety every so often for school kids and (the kids were) a little more hesitant to talk to us but once the dog comes out, you can teach them just about anything.”

Anyone with information is urged to call Logan State Police detachment at (304) 792-7200. Tips can remain anonymous.

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