Kentuckians who voted for Kanye West explain the reason behind their vote

Kanye West vote
Kanye West vote(Isaac Hyman)
Published: Nov. 5, 2020 at 2:03 PM EST
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - According to the Kentucky State Board of Elections, 6,259 Kentuckians voted for Kanye West for President of the United States in this election. West received a total of approximately 60,000 votes nationwide.

Tennessee had the most Kanye West voters with over ten thousand votes. Kentucky ranked third out of all the states where West was on the ballot, according to the Associated Press.

Tennessee: 10,216

Minnesota: 7,789

Kentucky: 6,259

Colorado: 6,254

Oklahoma: 5,590

Louisiana: 4,894

Utah: 4,344

Arkansas: 4,040Idaho: 3,631

Mississippi: 3,277

Iowa: 3,202

Vermont: 1,265

13 News asked a handful of voters why they voted for West over Biden or Trump. Their reasons ranged anywhere from moral justification to not feeling as though there was adequate representation on the ticket and the vote was in defiance to the system.

“So I’m a moderate Republican. As far as policies go, I agreed with a lot of what Trump did. However, I found that he used Christianity for publicity and although I liked his policies, for the most part, I found his actions harmful to America as a whole,” said one West voter. “I was very close to voting for Biden, but I just don’t agree with a lot of the Democratic policies and couldn’t pull the trigger on it. I went with Kanye because I thought out of all these 3 candidates who represents me the most (and really none of these candidates were great representatives, but I had to work with who I had) and based on Kanye’s faith and positions on various issues such as abortion I felt like I would go with him. It’s a small, probably insignificant statement to the Republican party, but I didn’t want them to think they could run/support someone like Trump and expect my vote.”

Others voted for West in hopes that it would send a message of needing more than a two-party voting system.

“Well, I had a strong suspicion my electoral college vote was going to DJT. So I cast my vote for an independent just to help legitimize a more than two-party system. If I thought Kanye had a realistic shot at the presidency I wouldn’t have done so,” said one male voter. “But honestly, I’m not informed at all about Kanye’s campaign or policies.”

Another male voter and registered independent added to that sentiment saying, “I couldn’t vote for either major party candidate. The Dem / Rep divide in our country has gotten out of hand. Also, the fact that Biden was “the best” that the Democratic party could offer was scary. I am no fan of the way the current administration has run this country. I am also not happy with Biden’s campaign promises. This whole election has been a joke, and I knew more people feel the same way. The fact that I voted for Kanye was also to bring about awareness of a third-party platform.”

Another male voter, Isaac Hyman, cited his reason for voting for West due to the current political climate and an act of protest.

“My thought process mostly went like this- I can throw my vote away to the Libertarian candidate every 4 years for the rest of my life but when will I have the opportunity to vote for Kanye West again? In essence, it was just a protest vote and an even better expression of my fatigue with the current political landscape than a vote for any other candidate would have been. I knew he wouldn’t win, I just wanted to show that disdain for the current political environment,” he said.

Another voter echoed the reason of a toxic political climate which impacted his vote for West.

“He seemed he was the only option that hasn’t had a smear campaign against him or smeared another candidate. The past few months have been constant advertising of dems vs reps with an occasional third party jab on TV, radio, pandora, and social media. West was the only candidate that didn’t do so.”

Another voter was swayed on age.

“To way oversimplify it, I would much rather vote for a 45-year-old crazy person than a 70-75 year old one. It is time for real change in our country and we will never see it as long as we let the older generations govern us. Our founders were young vibrant people flowing with ideas. Not washed up geriatrics with sundowners....”

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