Franklin woman battles COVID-19 in hospital for 23 days

Published: Oct. 26, 2020 at 1:48 AM EDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - One Franklin woman is warning others about her brutal battle with COVID-19.

“I had one day where I just cried all day because I wanted to go home so bad," recalls Leslie Bayles, a COVID-19 survivor.

She started having symptoms back in March, saying, "I started falling and he grabbed my arm to keep me from falling and I was like I don’t remember none of this. And he called 911 and the ambulance came and got me and took me to the hospital.”

Her husband went with her to the emergency room in Franklin where they did lab work. She says her doctor told her to go to her primary care provider for a COVID test.

“So I went and they did the COVID test and then the next thing I know I was in the hospital," says Leslie.

She tested positive for COVID-19. Her husband has to remind her what happened during the 23-day period she spent in the hospital, drifting in and out of consciousness.

“They weren’t expecting me to make it. Even the day I left the hospital, my husband told the doctors, you know, she’s had a rough go of it. He said [the doctor] said, yeah, we actually didn’t think she was going to pull through.”

Leslie Bayles left the hospital exhausted and suffering of memory lost but at least thinking it was finally over.

“It’s not something easy to go through," she states.

However, five months later when she says her health began deteriorating again, and the doctors sent her to the ER for the second time.

13 News is continuing to follow Leslie’s case and will update you with the rest of her COVID-19 experience.

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