Ky. Treasurer accused Gov. Beshear of misusing taxpayer dollars during pandemic

Published: Oct. 16, 2020 at 6:49 PM EDT
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(WYMT) - Kentucky Treasurer Allison Ball is questioning the use of taxpayer dollars in the use of executive orders during the pandemic.

Ball is specifically questioning the use of Kentucky State Police when Gov. Andy Beshear told churches not to meet in person in March and April.

On Good Friday, the governor asked state police to issue notices to people attending church on Easter Sunday. He said it was needed to curb mass gatherings and the spread of COVID-10.

Ball says the target of mass gatherings enforcement, and using police to monitor or shut down services, violated the first amendment. She says her office has been reviewing how tax dollars were spent to enforce the executive order.

Gov. Beshear says the orders were based on 20 people who died at a Western Kentucky revival and put out orders closing any mass gatherings.

“We did at that time what we thought it would take, what other states were doing, and while we had a federal court disagree with us, it was in a civil case, the US Supreme Court came out with an opinion dealing with another state saying these restrictions were legal," said Beshear in an exclusive interview with WYMT Friday.

The Kentucky Democratic Party says the treasurer is abusing her position to try to use religion to score political points.

Ball says she received information from several health departments and from Kentucky State Police as part of the investigation.

We reached out to Ball for an interview but her staff said she wants to wait until after she presents findings to a legislative panel on Thursday.

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