Amy McGrath makes campaign stop in Floyd County

Published: Oct. 10, 2020 at 7:13 PM EDT
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FLOYD COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Kentucky Democratic U.S. Senate Candidate Amy McGrath made a campaign stop in Floyd County Saturday, dropping by Archer Park to discuss the upcoming election with her supporters.

McGrath discussed a need for affordable healthcare, better-paying jobs, and a senator who represents the people of Kentucky on a national level in ways she believes Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell does not.

“We are tired of this. Enough is enough," McGrath said. "And that’s what I’m hearing from people. They are tired of it.”

According to McGrath, McConnell has allowed Kentucky to fall through the cracks in the interest of his own political gain. She said, especially during the pandemic, Kentucky has suffered from neglect on a national level.

“We still have lots of Kentuckians that can’t even put food on the table right now. And we have a senator who doesn’t even wanna work for us right now," McGrath said.

She said while the pandemic has amplified the struggles of the state and country, the issues lie even deeper than COVID-19.

“It’s not just the coronavirus and this year. It’s 36 years of a guy who has not represented us," she said.

Raymond Hurst, who traveled from Wolfe County to support the candidate, said he is ready for a new face in the senate.

“Our state is on a downward spiral. And we have a current senator who doesn’t seem to be worried about helping us,” Hurst said.

He said his vote in November is a vote for the future of Kentucky and the U.S.

“I’ve got a 42-year-old son and a 15-year-old granddaughter. They’re the ones that’s going to be affected by these elections,” Hurst said.

Hurst and McGrath both stressed the importance of voting in the election this year.

“Your voice does matter. It’s incredibly important," McGrath said. “This is the most important election of our lifetime.”

Sen. McConnell’s team responded to McGrath’s comments after the event.

“Senator McConnell has an indisputable record of delivering for Kentucky, such as authoring the biggest economic rescue package in U.S. history that’s made a $13 billion impact across Kentucky and saving health care and pension benefits for Kentucky coal miners," said Team Mitch spokesperson Kate Cooksey. "The only thing failed liberal politician Amy McGrath has proven is that she’ll work to rubber-stamp the pro-abortion, anti-Kentucky agenda supported by Joe Biden and Washington Democrats.”

The two candidates are expected to debate Monday.

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