Bowling Green lawyer finds student artwork from 1958 in office building, finds owners

Published: Sep. 29, 2020 at 11:46 PM EDT
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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - It’s not every day you find the hidden treasure, but for Bowling Green Attorney Casey Hixson and his wife Cheryl, they found something museum-worthy last week.

“I’ve been up in the attic I don’t know how many times, we had some people up there working on some cabling,” Casey Hixson said.

His office building used to be home to an old Warren County Board of Education building. It has served many purposes since then, but nobody has ever discovered this piece of history until now. One day, the lawyer found several pieces of what looks like artwork from a contest put on by the board of education dated back to 1958.

“I was up here had to do a few things and had to crawl in this really small area and ended up above some of the ceilings and found the artwork tucked back in there,” Casey Hixson explained.

Other Warren County Schools memorabilia was found as well including a career day itinerary with several familiar names as speakers including former WKU President Dr. Kelly Thompson.

“It shows that even back then Warren County was a giving community as they encouraged an initiative to help others,” Cheryl Hixson said as she held up a flyer they found advertising a Save the Children fundraiser.

With social media at their fingertips, Cheryl Hixson decided to try and track down the owners of the artwork since it had their names on the back. It also had what school each student went to. Cheryl Hixson said it wasn’t long before people started commenting on a post she made on Facebook about the artwork.

One night, they hand-delivered a piece of the student work to the woman who still lives in Bowling Green.

“I held up the artwork and I said ‘is this yours?' And her eyes got big as saucers and she smiled and said ‘yes I recognize that!’” Casey Hixson said.

At least one of the owners of the art pieces has passed away. Some of the others, including Scotty McKinney came by Hixson’s law office to claim their work.

“After I got to looking at it more distinctly and seeing the front part of the boat that I had drawn, or painted, it kind of referred me back to how I drew back then,” McKinney explained as he was pretty amazed to see his artwork again.

He said he is going to frame it and give it to his grandkids.

“It means more than I thought, you know, after coming to pick it up and seeing it and look at it,” McKinney said.

As for the memorabilia that is left, they hope they can put it in a museum or someplace where it will be well taken care of.

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