Pastor battles COVID-19 in the hospital and speaks about spread in the congregation

Nearly 50 positive cases traced back to the church with a wedding that took place.
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Published: Sep. 28, 2020 at 3:44 PM EDT
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KNOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - The coronavirus has spread throughout the congregation at one Knott County church.

Jamie Hughes is the pastor of Lighthouse Baptist Church in Knott County. Nearly 50 positive cases traced back to the church with a wedding that took place.

On Monday, he spoke to us from his hospital room after diagnosed with COVID-19.

“From the time this started until now we had outdoor services we did online services. We looked for the ways to do things right but the one time that we drop the ball the one time that we went away from the guidelines is all it took," said Hughes. "Probably not a family in our church that right now that does not have someone being affected by this. "

Hughes says it’s the support from different churches of various denominates and the community that keeps them going.

“For us to be able to say hey we are going to pray together it’s not my church or their church it’s the church that’s going to help pull people through this.”

While fighting the physical symptoms of the virus that is not the only thing hitting him hard.

“I had to look three stories out into the parking lot just to get to see them through the blinds and they’re down in the parking lot waving at their dad and I’m up here in a room and can’t get to them.”

Although he understands people want to gather and unite for church gatherings or the like he alerts people with the following message.

“Regardless of what you think or how you feel we want to encourage people keep wearing the mask and keep social distancing.”

Getting through each day and trying to help others do the same.

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