Harlan Independent Schools return to in-person classes

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Published: Sep. 28, 2020 at 6:15 PM EDT
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HARLAN COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - In-person classes began Monday at Harlan Independent Schools.

“So, I am pretty excited, I found myself last week thinking, oh my gosh, I get to see the kids, so I’m really excited for that,” said English teacher, Rebecca Wynn.

Staff and students returned to the halls of Harlan High School for the first time since early March.

“It’s been forever, I’ve been stuck at home in quarantine and stuff. I’m super excited," said senior Jarrett Austin.

Students at Harlan Independent Schools participate in hybrid learning. Harlan High School leaders decided to break the grade levels into different days.

“They chose to go with the junior, senior model and then freshmen, sophomore, the other rotating day and we’re hopeful that’s going to turn out really well for them,” said Superintendent Charles Morton. “They’ll get to be with the friends they’re most closely connected with,” added Morton.

Breaking up class sizes and making sure classrooms are socially distant. Rebecca Wynn worked tirelessly on rearranging her classroom to help keep her students safe.

“It’s almost like if you can imagine like an imaginary bubble around each one, so really just putting those desks as close as six feet apart, we’ve been pretty successful in doing that," said Wynn. “So, putting those everywhere and making sure that the kids can still see you at the same time and have access to everything,” added Wynn.

Placing hand sanitizer around the building and requiring staff and students to wear masks.

“It’s encouraging to see that folks are willing to do their part for us, to take the next step forward, you know, the ultimate goal is five days of instruction face-to-face," said Morton.

Meeting five days a week is something Austin hopes for.

“When you’re online you have Zoom and stuff like that, and like Harlan City does go like all the way to help you and stuff, but it’s just not like on hands and I’m a on hands learner," said Austin.

What a great day to be a GREEN DRAGON! Today marked the start of in-person instruction across the Harlan Independent...

Posted by Harlan Independent Schools on Monday, September 28, 2020

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