More than a game: Pulaski County dad makes son’s first football game after stage four cancer diagnosis

Published: Sep. 15, 2020 at 10:50 PM EDT
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(WYMT) - The football season for Pulaski County High School is underway.

Many parents will be able to root their kids on from the stands, but for one family, that has a special meaning this year.

Cade and Scott Sullivan
Cade and Scott Sullivan(WYMT)

Scott Sullivan was diagnosed with stage four Kidney Cancer just a few weeks ago after getting a COVID-19 test. After many tests the doctor’s realized the cancer had spread to not only his kidneys but his spine and his brain, leaving him with only weeks, maybe days left.

“They found a huge mass on my kidney and before I left there they said listen we pretty much know that adrenal gland and that kidney were just trying to figure out where it stops and where it ends,” added Scott Sullivan

After many tests the doctor’s realized the cancer had spread to not only his kidneys but his spine and his brain, leaving him with only weeks, maybe days left.

“He says I can’t change your diagnosis, a few days to a few weeks, but only one person knows when you’ll see us later,” said Sullivan.

However, Scott’s focus was not on his diagnosis, instead, he was focused on trying to make the trip to Belfry to see his son Cade play on Friday night.

“Yeah I mean it didn’t feel the greatest you know, I don’t think he’s missed a game ever since started playing. I don’t think he’s ever missed a game,” added Cade Sullivan.

With the help of Scott’s nurse Jerree Humphrey and Hospice of Lake Cumberland, they made it happen. Humphrey found someone to fly them to Belfry High School to watch Cade play in Pulaski County’s season opener.

"Let’s face it. At that time you’re still wondering are you still going to make it to the next day and for me to be able to do that again I can’t put words to it,” said Scott.

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However, Scott was determined to make it to more than the first game of the season.

“I want him to watch one of the games we win. So if he could make it to as many games as possible, it would be amazing. You know it makes me want to play a lot harder when he’s there because it could be one of his last days ever seeing me play,” added Cade.

On Saturday, the Maroons got their first win of the season after a last-second play, beating Madison Southern 21-15.

Although Scott’s days are numbered, Cade knows his dad will always be by his side.

“He always told me that he’d be on my right side. You know even he wasn’t there while I was playing, I knew he was right beside me watching me,” said Cade.

For the Sullivan family, it’s not about counting the days but making the days count.

“Cade and I have shared a lot of memories and were going to share more and there is a so to speak counter on me but there’s not really. I’ve got as many days as they’re going to give me,” said Sullivan.

More images from Scott Sullivan's trip to his son's football game. * we would like to thank Kellie Baker from the Somerset Airport for her help in coordinating this trip.

Posted by Hospice of Lake Cumberland on Saturday, September 12, 2020

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