Leslie County charities ask Frontier Nursing to donate Wendover complex

This comes after reports Frontier Nursing let all all the employees go and closed the facility
Published: Sep. 16, 2020 at 7:23 PM EDT
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HYDEN, Ky. (WYMT) - Frontier Nursing is under fire after reports it closed the Wendover Bed and Breakfast permanently and let all the employees go.

“I have heard from some former employees who were recently let go. They did receive a severance package so they’re not allowed to speak and I totally understand that but from what they’re saying they’ve heard that Wendover will not be operational," said Joel Brashear, Chairman of the Leslie County Community Foundation.

Wendover, also known as the ‘Big House’, is the home of Mary Breckinridge and the headquarters of the Frontier Nursing Service for more than 80 years.

“Wendover is where the history really is. That’s Mary Breckinridge’s home. That’s the place she chose to build her house. She came down the creek and saw it and saw that it was the most beautiful place she’d ever seen and she built her home there," said Brashear.

After Frontier Nursing took the 15th century stained glass window from its campus on hospital hill, Leslie Countians are worried the ‘Big House’ is the next thing Frontier Nursing will strip from them.

“Mary Breckinridge’s legacy was a dedication to the people of this region. You can’t just extract that and set it up someplace else and it have the same meaning," said local business owner Kiristen Webb.

Last year, leaked minutes of an FNU board meeting also showed a discussion of moving the Big House to its new campus in Versailles. FNU later released a statement saying they would not move Wendover.

“We’ve seen in writing that they’ve at least thought about it in the past so this is something that we’re very concerned about," said Brashear.

When Brashear heard the news employees were let go from Wendover, he immediately took action.

“Frontier clearly has no intention of staying in Leslie County. They don’t care about Leslie County anymore. We’re here we care about it and we want to see it prosper and grow," said Brashear.

The Leslie County Community Foundation is teaming up with the charity Leslie County Betterment Inc.

Wednesday, the foundation sent this letter attached below to every FNU board member asking them to donate the entire Wendover complex to the charities.

“If it was run in a way that would really benefit the county, letting people come in tourism historical site seeing it would be a huge benefit to our community," said Brashear.

Letter to FNU asking for donation
Letter to FNU asking for donation(WYMT)

Frank Baker, the vice chairman of Leslie County Betterment Inc., wants Mary Breckinridge’s mission of service to stay in the county.

“Just all the memories and the history from where Mary Breckinridge came from what she did for us you want that legacy to live on because it inspired me to do what I’m doing and all the different things I do," said Baker.

WYMT did reach out to FNU officials to confirm Wendover was closed and to make a statement on the subject. They said they did not have any statement to make.

The bed and breakfast has been closed due to COVID-19.

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