Additional help coming for unemployed Kentuckians, many still waiting on appointments

Published: Sep. 9, 2020 at 4:39 PM EDT
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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WYMT) - Some additional help could be coming for Kentuckians still unemployed because of COVID-19.

This is after the Governor announced more federal help in a $400 extra payment coming their way. Governor Andy Beshear also said that assistance could arrive sometime after Labor Day.

The additional $400 for three weeks was designed to extend at least part of the $600 a week that expired in July.

It was part of a President Trump executive order along with some CARES money.

Glenda Smith was in Frankfort for an in-person appointment Wednesday that she applied for back at least two months ago. She became unemployed at the start of the pandemic because she works in the health care industry and she was concerned for her own health.

“I was working full time until the virus hit. I became sick but didn’t have the coronavirus," said Smith.

Smith has now gone months without pay and wonders about the extra $400 as well.

“It’s just sad that so many people are hurting because our system is not right. And I think something needs to be fixed," said Smith.

The governor said about 80,000 Kentuckians would benefit from the money but because of the state’s antiquated system, people should not expect to start seeing this money until well after Labor Day.

So smith and others wait, something they have been doing a lot since March or April.

“If not for the help of my family...I am on social security. I do have retirement, but that’s barely enough to pay my rent and payments," said Smith.

Kentucky is among 11 states that applied for and were approved for the federal money. It is supposed to be for people without work from July 26 to August 15.

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