Volunteer firefighters wrap up last day of training in Lee County

Published: Aug. 30, 2020 at 7:38 PM EDT
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LEE COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Volunteer firefighters joined in on a three-day training event over the weekend. Five volunteer firefighters from Lee County and several others outside of the county attended.

“The education is very important because the firefighters today have so many more responsibilities as in the past,” said Greg Reams, Area 12 Coordinator for State Fire and Rescue Training.

Reams said from firefighting to public education, firefighters now have more on their plate.

“It takes a lot of hours to be proficient in all of those different skills,” added Reams.

On Sunday, volunteer firefighters worked hard to complete the necessary hours required by the state.

“I’m almost to my 150 I’m somewhere around 130 to 140 hours to my certificate,” said volunteer firefighter Noah Dixon.

Dixon said he decided to become a volunteer firefighter because his brothers are also volunteers.

“I thought when I turned 15 that I would join the fire department,” added Dixon.

To wrap up the last day of training, Dixon and the fellow firefighters learned how to cut someone out of a car after a crash.

“Not really nervous because I’ve practiced with them before,” said Dixon.

Reams said as an instructor it makes him proud that the students have the desire to learn more.

“Me as a citizen of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, it makes me feel a lot safer that if I’m involved in an accident or I need the assistance of the fire service that they’re going to be fully competent,” said Reams.

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