Chromebooks flying off the shelves as parents, school districts prepare for virtual learning

Published: Aug. 19, 2020 at 11:49 AM EDT
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - As students get ready for an unusual start to the fall semester, back to school lists are looking a bit different this year.

Things like notebooks and pens are being replaced with laptops and other items needed for virtual learning.

At the staples in Hamburg, there’s nothing where you would find normally find the Chromebooks, not even the display.

Store managers tell us that’s how quickly they’re flying off the shelves.

Well, who’s buying them? School districts.

Staples General Manager Brian Kerr says districts like Chromebooks because of the price, between $200 and $400, and because of limited memory kids can’t really download video games.

Because they’re so popular, a lot of parents are trying to buy them, but many times they’re not in stock.

“This week alone we had an order for over 6,000 Chromebooks for a school district,” Kerr said. “As soon as those Chromebooks hit the distribution center, schools are getting them before they can get sent to our stores down here.”

But, laptops are only about $50 More than the Chromebook and perhaps a better bang for your buck.

What’s also flying off the shelves? Printers, ink cartridges, and even office furniture, since kids are now learning from home.

But, what’s in stock? “Regular” school supplies: Binders, pens, pencils. Things parents would normally buy this time of year, but with schools starting virtually that’s just not the case.

Kerr says they’re working to replenish their Chromebook stock for when kids head back to school in-person.

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