Private schools in Danville, Somerset holding in-person classes

Published: Aug. 12, 2020 at 11:33 AM EDT
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DANVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) – Not every school in Kentucky is going back to 100% virtual learning: some private schools have started back with students in the classroom.

That includes Danville Christian Academy in Boyle County. Jim Ward, the headmaster of the small school of just over 200 students, says parents overwhelmingly wanted their children back in school.

Ward says strict CDC guidelines are being followed at the academy. Before entering the main part of the building, attendees are temperature checked. The classrooms are smaller and it’s easier to spread out, but in rooms with greater numbers of students and faculty, plexiglass dividers are set up. Masks are required for students and staff while moving about.

Ward says he knows not everyone will agree with what they are doing, but he says they believe they are doing what is best.

“I want to make it clear,” says Ward, “We are not trying to be rebellious. He made a recommendation - if he made a law, we are going to follow the law. But, he made a recommendation, and his recommendation was ’Hey, we don’t think it is best right now for public schools,’ and he asked private schools to join them. Well, when I look at that, I think to myself, ’If we can follow CDC guidelines and we are small enough to spread out, we should be able to handle this.’”

The school does have a virtual option and Ward says several parents have chosen to go with that. He says they do have plans to change the mode of instruction if students test positive.

Somerset Christian School in Pulaski County has also started back to in-person instruction.

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