Knott County woman wins Brad Paisley video call during tough week

Published: Aug. 6, 2020 at 6:33 PM EDT
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KNOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Peggy Couch has had a scary couple of weeks. The Knott County native was heading home from the doctor’s office Wednesday after getting a repeat ultrasound and mammogram for a suspicious lump last week.

The tough time got a little bit better when she got a video call from country music superstar, Brad Paisley.

“When he called it was like God’s way of saying “I am going to take your mind off this for a second, here is Brad Paisley. It was overwhelming,” said Couch.

Couch entered sweepstakes put on by Publishers Cleaning House as a joke and had actually forgotten about it.

“I started getting random messages on Facebook. I checked it and it was from a guy named Howie, and he was telling me to check my email. So I did that thinking it was all a hoax,” said Couch

Couch joined five other ladies on the call with Paisley.

“Up until the moment they showed him, I still thought it was a hoax.”

On the call, Paisley talked to each winner for a few minutes before announcing each of them would get $2,000 from him.

“It meant the world to me because Brad is on my bucket list to see,” said Couch. “To hear him speak directly to me and say my name and just get on a personal level, that was awesome. I cried.”

Couch now waits to hear back from the Breast Cancer Center. The next possible step will be a biopsy. While she continues to wait for news, she is staying positive remembering the call of a lifetime.

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