A stronger spirit from a good deed

Kentucky Mist made hand sanitizer and now they're making stronger vodka
Published: Aug. 5, 2020 at 6:26 PM EDT
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In March WYMT did a story with Colin Fultz the owner of Kentucky Mist Moonshine as they produced hand sanitizer to fill a need.

”We knew that right off the bat it was the right call to make because it was just a good thing to do, and we had the capability of doing it here,” said Fultz.

Now, in August the gift shop that was once closed is now back open and seeing some pretty consistent business.

”We’re open back now and things seem to be picking back up, trying to get back to normal,” said Fultz.

In addition to the Whitesburg location, Kentucky Mist has stores in both Myrtle Beach and Orange Beach, Alabama.

”We actually have stores in other locations like Myrtle Beach and Alabama now, and those stores have been doing fairly well, but not great, and a lot of people aren’t traveling but there’s still a lot of people traveling and drinking,” added Fultz.

In making the hand sanitizer Fultz and his team may have a way to make stronger vodka.

”The higher proof that we can make for our vodkas will make it better so yea we did learn some of that and like I said, we were running around the clock,” said Fultz.

As they return to making their signature spirits, Fultz hopes that the demand continues to increase.

“Now we might have made it a little easier I’d made a Facebook post that you could use that to kill corona and all that it can kill anything. You know, I’ve made a few jokes about it along the way but you know everybody that likes the moonshine, what better time to drink or than now? Everybody’s home now,” said Fultz.

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