Recovery Connectors: Helping to control an epidemic during a pandemic

Published: Jul. 31, 2020 at 5:48 PM EDT
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(WYMT) -Throughout the coronavirus pandemic overdose numbers and those needing help with addiction have increased. No one really knows what to do when someone that they love, that they care for and that they live with is in addiction.

So, how can you become a part of the solution to help those in need?

“From the family member or friend point of view it can be a very hopeless helpless feeling,” said Matt Brown, Vice President of Administration at Addiction Recovery Care in Louisa.

Brown, speaking from personal experience, struggled with addiction for more than a decade. Now working with addicts Brown recognized the need to increase the education of people in regards to addiction, treatment and to recovery.

“We want people to know that hope and help are very real,” he said.

That is where the idea of the new ‘Recovery Connectors’ program was born.

“Instead of saying I don’t know what to do, they can say here is exactly what you do.”

The new virtual training session will go through the basics of addiction treatment and recovery, giving people the do’s and dont’s of helping an addict.

“Talk about enabling talk about triggers talk about the resource guide. Give the people the knowledge and the tools they need to be able to say oh your love one is in addition well this is what you need to do here the steps you need to take.”

Who can be a ’Recovery Connector’? “We have pastors, we have police officers, we got first responders,” said Brown. So, anyone. The problem of addiction is so rampant in our region, that people encounter someone in their daily life that knows someone who is struggling.

“It really will empower people in our communities to be a part of the solution.”

People like Daniel Castle, Pastor of Unity Baptist Church in Lawrence County.

“My ultimate goal is to get someone healthy and healed, be the voice of the people who otherwise go unnoticed,” said Castle.

Castle has gone through a previous connector program through ARC a couple years ago. Knowing this time around the program will work.

How can he be so sure?

“Do you know someone who has been affected by drugs? There is not a family I do not know of who has not been touched somehow by drugs. If that’s the case then be apart of the solution,” Castle said.

From previous experience in working with ARC, Castle knows the importance of having extra help in the community where not a lot of resources are available.

“It has been a big help having them partner with us in our community. I think every little small community should have a Recovery Connector,” says Castle. “The community is greatly affected by this drug problem. It seems to have increased this year because of COVID-19 because everybody is staying indoors and such.”

Adding as a spiritual leader, it is his job to be a light in as many ways as possible.

“That does not always mean sitting there with the Bible in your hand sometimes, you have to go out and get your hands dirty and help people where they are.” he said.

Helping control an epidemic during a pandemic.

To sign up for this virtual training you can email:

The training will be held August 25th from 6-8pm.

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