Wedding planners say venues are taking safety seriously

Published: Jul. 24, 2020 at 10:24 PM EDT
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) -Weddings look different in the time of COVID-19, especially depending on where it’s held.

Governor Andy Beshear clarified that weddings at venues are not limited by the 10 person gathering limit, while weddings held at privates homes are.

Couples look for the hottest spots to get married, but Beshear is implementing guidelines to keep their venue from becoming a hotspot.

“If we go around the guidelines and this thing is spread at our wedding, what will that do to how we feel about it, and long-term what it means to us as a couple?” he said in a news conference Thursday.

Many have opted for a backyard wedding, but the guest list has been cut short.

Beshear said there’s no way to ensure there’s sanitizing and mask-wearing to the degree that is required at private homes.

Wedding planner Becca Lowe said it’s easier to adjust guest lists in special event spaces.

“A wedding of 150 people, especially with an outdoor space attached, we can make it safe for everyone to attend here,” she said.

On top of capping occupancy at 50%, venues have to make space so everyone can practice social distancing and keep a list of guests in case there’s a need for contract tracing.

“We are temperature checking every guest as they walk through the doors, just to make sure they’re not running a fever, we are saying masks are required unless you’re sitting at your table actively eating or drinking,” Lowe said.

She said her weddings are monitored by a safety captain.

“We’re asking them to follow these rules, I think it makes it a little easier than a bride just sending an email and coaxing her family to follow the rules,” she said.

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