Lachian Clothing Company gives away free face masks

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Published: Jul. 19, 2020 at 5:22 PM EDT
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CORBIN, Ky. (WYMT) - Lachian Clothing Company sells various items such as tee shirts, mugs and hats. The company is also giving away free face masks.

Masks are sold for $8 but the company decided to give those masks away for free.

“We really wanted to provide as many masks to as many people as possible that need access to one,” said Co-Founder Josh Coppock.

This new initiative is what Coppock and his coworker James Schweizer have taken to heart.

“We can all agree on that we need to keep each other safe, to make each other feel safe instead of spreading fear or the virus or whatever it is,” added Coppock.

The initiative started out as a gesture but turned into a necessity as COVID-19 cases spike throughout the area.

Honestly, the best thing you can do to love your neighbor is by showing that, and by showing that in this time is by covering your face,” said Coppock.

500 masks have been given away since Tuesday.

Literally, within a couple of hours, our traffic grew by over 1500 percent,” added Coppock.

With the added workload, the team knows the importance of safety these masks provide.

I enjoy the fulfillment side because then that’s when you can add a personal touch which you don’t get to do because of the e-commerce side as you would in a retail store” said Creative Director James Schweizer.

Masks are 100 percent cotton and can be washed and dried. However, the company suggests ordering a new mask after 10 washes to make sure masks are as clean as possible.

The company is out of stock of the free masks as it waits for more masks to come in from the supplier and employees are working to send out current orders. You can keep up with the status of the face masks on Facebook or Instagram.

You can visit the online store here.

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