An Eastern Kentucky man is behind bars in Tennessee facing assault charges

Police say he assaulted his ex-wife
Published: Jul. 7, 2020 at 6:10 PM EDT
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Middlesboro Police say on the 4th of July a woman was taken to the hospital with a neck wound.

Tuesday police say they got a tip that William Gunter, the man his ex-wife says stabbed her was in Roane County, Tennessee.

“That’s very common where we border Tennessee it’s not unusual for people to flee to Tennessee or even Virginia because it’s so close as well and Vice versa we’ll have people who commit crimes in Tennessee who flee to Kentucky and it makes it more cumbersome to take them into custody as far as their procedures they have to go through and go through the court system. So it’s not as easy if we were to have to make an arrest on someone else in the state,” said Tom Busic Chief of Police.

Gunter fled the scene before police arrived.

“We don’t know how long from when the assault took place to when we got there, she wasn’t able to give us a time frame, so he was already gone when officers got there,” said Busic.

Gunter is behind bars now, but police are beginning the process of bringing him back to Kentucky.

“This will kind of depend on their process in Tennessee because he’ll have to be arraigned in a Tennessee court and he will have to waive his right to extradition in Kentucky or we’ll have to apply to get a governors warrant and go through that process and some times that can be a lengthy process but, it’s something we have to do,” said Busic.

Gunter is facing a first-degree assault charge. There is no update on his ex-wife’s condition.

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