Smile for your snack: Pike County girl opens free snack stand

Published: Jul. 3, 2020 at 4:48 PM EDT
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ELKHORN CITY, Ky. (WYMT) - Reagan Mullins is only in Kindergarten but she is already a small business owner.

The Elkhorn City girl asked her parents if she could create a snack stand to set up in her front yard because she noticed a lot of people out and about who looked thirsty.

“She wanted to get something to drink for them. And then she decided that if they were thirsty, they may be hungry. And she wanted to start giving them some snacks,” said Raegan’s mom Amy Mullins.

Her parents obliged and her father built the stand. Now, Raegan’s Snack Stand is in business. But there are no proceeds from the sales unless you count the morale boost for the community.

“And why do you love to do it?” Aimee asked Reagan. “To make everybody what?”

“Smile,” Raegan laughed.

The snacks are free to anyone who drops by and there are several choices to choose from: gummies, candies, chips, and drinks are all set up on the stand.

Aimee’s co-workers at Landmark of Elkhorn dropped by the stand for a quick snack after working their shifts. They said it was refreshing to have the break and see a smiling face.

“A twelve-hour shift and this? You can’t beat it,” said Tangie Scarberry, holding her snacks.

According to Fredia Ratliff, an idea like this coming from Raegan was not a surprise.

“Reagan has always had a heart of gold and this snack stand does not surprise me a bit,” Ratliff said. “I think that speaks volumes for her family and the way that they are raising this little girl to be generous and to give. And to give from her heart. And Reagan truly does that.”

And that impact is obvious as word gets out through the community. She has seen more than 100 customers in only a few days.

“She wouldn’t love the way she does if she wasn’t loved the way she is,” Ratliff said.

Raegan said she will continue to work at her stand and make people smile. According to her mother, the hours will vary because the entire project is under Reagan’s control.

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