LGBTQ community and BLM march in solidarity

Published: Jun. 27, 2020 at 9:24 PM EDT
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Celebrating LGBTQ pride is a little different this year in Lexington.

The pandemic pushed back the normal festival, but the community is still standing up... and now standing together with black lives matter.

Together the group marched down the streets. Some holding signs, many chanting, all fighting for change.

"There's no point in just fighting for LGBT rights or LGBTQ rights, you have to fight for every bodies rights if you want to be truly equal," says protester Peter Brant.

Around 100 to 150 people walked through downtown Lexington in the rain.

While the protest was peaceful, some in the area did not agree with the cause. One man circled around crowds with the sign, "Homosexuality is a sin... Jesus saves."

Still, protesters say they will continue to fight for what they believe in.

"Not let this die down, this is not a fad, this is not a statement," says protester Jay Calhoun.

But what should change look like?

"I'm with Black Lives Matter, but I also understand some of the things law enforcement has to go through," says veteran Larry Young. "In the military, you're trained to do whatever is necessary and sometimes you make mistakes and I think there are bad cops out there, but there are some people that are worried about making a mistake like I was when I was in the military."

Still, many protesters tell me they want legislations changed and accountability for the police.

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