“They were on a three month hiatus”: Small school returns to work

Published: Jun. 18, 2020 at 12:07 AM EDT
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PIKE COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - The Phelps Hornets returned to the field getting back in condition after workouts were on hold due to the pandemic.

“We ain’t been having no conditioning and haven’t been able to go in the weight room so it’s whatever you have at home with the weights and stuff and that’s what we got to work with,” said Senior Quarterback, Dominick Francis.

“One we are not in shape at all. Not in no type of shape.,” said Senior Wide Reciever, Seth Mayhorn.

“We was at the house three months playing Xbox and doing nothing couldn’t really go outside, but glad to be back,” said Senior Wide Receiver, Tyrell Hollis

“That’s why we are out here. We are vomiting. We are getting better every day. We are getting more in shape every day,” said Mayhorn.

“They were on a three-month hiatus there so just getting back in shape and getting them back to where they can compete,” said head coach Andrew West.

With being a smaller school, the team is already facing challenges.

“We’ve got kids on vacation and we’ve got a few that haven’t got their physicals yet, and they can’t do anything with us until they get their physicals. And then I got a few that I’ve just not had contact with that I know should be here in probably just don’t know about it yet,” said West.

With guidelines, the team is limited in what they can do and equipment and resources to them are scarce.

“Whatever we got out here is what we got to work with,” said Francis.

While the workouts may look easy, they are far from.

“They are rough. It’s something new coming in after doing nothing. It gets your legs tired and gets your body tired, physically, and mentally,” said Hollis.

“Doing all this conditioning plus running the 40 and doing the ropes it’s killer,” said Francis.

The hornets meet in three different groups on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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