“Listen to what we’re saying”: Black Lives Matter protest held in Whitesburg

Published: Jun. 12, 2020 at 6:51 PM EDT
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WHITESBURG, Ky. (WYMT) - Friday night in Whitesburg, the community gathered for a peaceful protest to show their support for black lives matter.

People gathered in front of the Letcher County Courthouse to have a vigil for Breonna Taylor and show their support for the black lives matter movement.

“I mean this is honestly the first time we’re seeing something like this. All the states coming together," said Organizer Dayjha Hogg.

Hogg says the racism she faces in Eastern Kentucky is mostly unspoken.

“People just kind of swept it under the rug and so we’ve always had to just keep the peace and not really tell our truth and so today is kind of about that so we can speak out.," sad Hogg.

On Friday night, many took the stage to share their stories and to educate the public.

“Even when a name isn’t trending continue to support a movement that intends to create change," said Nia Meadows, one of the speakers.

“White privileged does not mean your life hasn’t been hard. It means your skin color isn’t one of the things making it harder," said another speaker Breuna Ferry.

Local musician Nick Jamerson shared a poem he wrote after watching the video of George Floyd.

“I’m tired of watching murder. White spilling black blood. Humanity has got a problem and everybody has to help,” recited Jamerson.

Senate Candidate Charles Booker called on Kentuckians to continue to fight.

“Look at our history. If we have to stand on the tracks to stop a coal company from running us over we’re going to do it. If we have to march on the streets to demand justice and accountability we are gonna do it," said Booker.

Hogg hopes the protest shows change is coming.

“It gives me hope that my little cousins they are biracial and now maybe they won’t have to go through as hard of a time as we had to. Maybe we can change this for them," said Hogg.

The protest lasted a little less than two hours and stayed peaceful.

They also had a vigil for Breonna Taylor at the fire department.

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