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Malcolm Young, AC/DC guitarist and co-founder, dead at 64

AP sources: Trump Tower meeting in 2016 draws more scrutiny

10,744 more Kennedy assassination records released

Leaders praise Rev. Jesse Jackson after health disclosure

House GOP chairman criticizes Trump policy on animal imports

Economic adviser talks tax bill with GOP foe

Alabama's GOP governor to vote Moore for Senate

Danica Patrick to end racing career at next year's Indy 500

White House requests $44B disaster aid bill

JFK FILES: 10,744 more Kennedy assassination records released

Sen. Hatch to Dems saying tax cuts are for rich: 'Bull crap'

KEYSTONE PIPELINE LEAK: Company: Spill controlled and no public threat

UPDATE: Sanders says Trump, Franken cases are different

Wyoming professor testifies that innovation will lead to cleaner fossil fuel future

UPDATE: Moore calls accusations 'scurrilous and false'

US House of Representatives passes sweeping GOP tax overhaul

GOP, Democratic senators back bill to bolster FBI gun checks

Official: Charles Manson alive, can't comment on health

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