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Mattis to decide soon on troop levels in Afghanistan

Mike Pence promises to hold Russia accountable

The Latest: Pakistani raids kill 39 suspects after IS attack

Pentagon chief says NATO members must boost defense spending

Malaysia official: N.Korea leader's brother slain at airport

Trump says he might give travel ban a tweak or a makeover

Nighttime quake in Philippines kills at least 3, injures 80

DOJ asks court to stay order on travel ban

The Latest: Mall staffers return beneath Louvre after attack

Iran bans travel of US wrestlers to Iran

UAE diplomat defends Trump order

Trump says it doesn't matter what you call it

EU chief sees Trump announcements as threats

Quebec police say six dead, eight wounded in mosque shooting

Trudeau says Canada will take refugees

Mexico says drug lord 'El Chapo' Guzaman extradited to US

The Latest: Italian premier urges redoubling of efforts

At least 24 children killed when bus, truck collide in India

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