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Jury finds man guilty of several charges in Knox County murder trial

Knott County woman receives five years probation in stabbing case

Jury: Man accused of recording two people naked without their knowledge

Case dismissed, man who was shot by police released from jail

Attorney for former Conn clients explains impact of new hearings

Former lawmaker pleads guilty to identity theft

Trial for woman charged in deadly hit and run postponed

Update: Deliberations begin in Letcher County Murder Trial

Letcher County Murder Trial Day 11: Defense takes the floor

Commonwealth rests its case in Letcher County murder trial

Kentucky Court of Appeals reverses ruling on lawsuit over abortions

Samantha Mullins testifies in Letcher County murder trial: Day 9

Letcher County murder trial: Day 8 brings evidence of murder weapon to the courtroom

Delay in Letcher County murder trial due to snow threat

Testimony for Letcher County murder trial continues

Witnesses in James Huffman trial place the scene

Letcher Co. murder trial proceeds with testimonies

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