Stoops says Kentucky Football has a "Team" mentality

LEXINGTON, Ky (WYMT) - Kentucky Football coming off of a victorious opening weekend on the road, Head Coach Mark Stoops is pleased with how his team performed.

Stoops even going as far as to say that it was a beautiful win, but he also discussed in his press conference on Monday that he was impressed with how much production each player that saw time on the field produced, especially on defense.

"It's not so much about how an individual plays, it's more about how the team plays when you're in the game. I think our team is starting to have that mentality more. How effective are we when you're in the game? That was very evident with all the guys we played," Stoops said.

"I want to say 24 players on our defense showed up with production, 24 different guts produced. I don't always keep that stat, but that stat jumped out at me as I was looking at things on the plane on the way home. We played eight interior defensive linemen at three spots and all eight produced. All four outside linebackers produced. I want to say nine guys played in the secondary.

"That's encouraging, to see not much dropoff or no dropoff, that's good to see. Says a lot about the development of our team and our program," Stoops finished.

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