Kentucky welcomes in EKU for home opener

LEXINGTON, Ky, (WYMT) - Kentucky started off the season on a positive note this season, beating the Southern Miss Golden Eagles 24-17. Now Kentucky welcomes in the EKU Colonels, an FCS team that gave them a scare two years ago.

Head coach Mark Stoops says that's not lost on this team but to get some motivation for this week, the Wildcats have to look at themselves, not at their opponent.

Stoops said, "It's very easy for us to get their attention because it's always about us. It was about us last week. We said that last week. It's about us and how way we play. It's the same this week. It's always going to be that way. We have great respect for everybody we play. We know we're not a team that can just go out and beat anybody. We have to be on point, we have to play the game, we have to respect the game. It's about respect and the way you prepare. It's always about that. It's not about showing up on Saturday being ready to play. It's about showing up in the building right now. They're in there lifting and getting ready for meetings. It's about our preparation for the whole week. There's a lot for us to build on. There's a lot of good things from this last game and a lot of things we can improve on. That's what's so great about it, so exciting to get back to the opportunity to improve."

Kentucky's home opener is on Saturday, September 9 with kickoff set for 12 p.m. noon.

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