UPDATE: Letcher County Courthouse to reopen after waterline break

WHITESBURG, Ky. (WYMT) - Water began to pour through the Letcher County Courthouse on Monday afternoon.

"It looked like it was raining inside this building," Jim Ward who is the Letcher County Judge Executive said.

Ward says when he and his staff looked outside his office and into the hallway...

"Water was coming out of the ceiling tiles, it was coming down through the elevator shaft, it was everywhere," Ward said.

So for two and a half hours, Ward says, they tried to protect computers and files.

"If you weren't here to see how much water was running down through the ceiling, it was just kinda amazing," Ward said.

It turns out, a two-inch waterline in the sprinkler system broke.

"All the carpet in almost every floor is soaked, I don't know how many ceiling tiles down, they had come down and just disintegrated," Ward said.

Despite much of the building needing to be repaired, the jail on the bottom floor was barely impacted.

"There was no water that caused any kind of damage to their personal property, or the jail property or the cells or any kind of damage like that whatsoever," Don McCall who is the Letcher County Jailer said.

Officials say the courthouse will remain closed through Thursday, but they expect to reopen it Friday.

As for those with family members at the Jail, Officials say you can still visit.

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