WKYT takes a closer look at one of Lexington's well-known gardens

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Often times reporters stumble on an interesting story or person while covering another story.

That happened to WKYT's Michele Chamberland last week in the Kenwick neighborhood.

She met gardener Lois Anne Polan and decided to pay another visit to the fascinating woman with a breathtaking, well-known Kentucky garden.

"I like to say it's like sculpture in four dimensions. It's the way I worship. It centers me and it wears me out. It's taught me patience. Everything is exactly the way I want it," said Polan.

Lois Anne and her garden are what brought Chamberland back to her home on Victory Avenue.

"Hence, Victory Garden. It's just a little peaceful other world that I have created for myself," she added.

Lois Anne retired as a professional gardener a few years ago, but her career didn't start in the yard. Lois Anne is a member of the Directors Guild of America. In fact, film is what brought her to Kentucky.

"I moved to Lexington to get a Master's degree in theater and then I started gardening," Louis Anne said.

In the 1990's the 66-year-old decided her Victory Avenue home would be her new stage.

"There is a wonderful designer who brings people from all over to tour the big gardens. He wrote a book; The Beautiful Gardens of Kentucky," Lois Anne said.

Lois Anne loves when people tour her gardens. She says hundreds of people paid a visit and one neighbor even got married in her backyard.

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