UK political science professor offers opinion on possible conflict with North Korea

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WYMT/WKYT) - Many Americans want to know how close the United States could be to a war with North Korea.


Our sister station WKYT talked to the department chair of political science at the University of Kentucky.

Doctor Clayton Thyne knows the ins and outs of international relations.

He says he thinks we have a long way to go before tensions escalate to war.

"I believe cooler heads will prevail in this whole thing because the consequences of going to war are so dire. Part of what makes me confident in saying that today, or even in the near future, we're not going to war, is because we're going to see a buildup before a war with North Korea," said Dr. Thyne.

Doctor Thyne went on to explain that a buildup means we see U.S. soldiers and resources move closer to North Korea.

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