Confrontation leads to two arrests in Hazard

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HAZARD, Ky. (WYMT) - A confrontation on Thursday led to robbery, and attempted murder charges for two people in Hazard.

Brandon Marlowe, 29, and Ashley Fugate, 30, robbed a woman's house on Bartlett Street, and then assaulted her, police said.

They said Marlowe and Fugate went into the woman's house and then left. When the woman noticed a lock box was missing, she confronted the pair.

Marlowe and Fugate were already in their car, and Marlowe, who was driving, intentionally hit the woman, police said.

The victim landed on the hood of the car, and Marlowe then tried to drive away.

Marlowe only drove a short distance before he got out of the car and physically assaulted the woman, they said.

Some time during the confrontation, Marlowe and Fugate switched places in the vehicle.

Surprisingly, the victim stayed on the hood of the car the entire time, police said. She was eventually taken to Hazard ARH.

Police caught up with Fugate on Friday.

They arrested Marlowe Monday morning in Bonnyman. Police said he was involved in another altercation, and that he mentioned he had a handgun and would be waiting on law enforcement.

Both face 1st degree robbery and attempted murder charges.

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